Ship Model Reference Library

Cast Your Anchor is an upscale hobby environment, focusing on quality kits, woods, tools, and finished products for the nautical enthusiast. In order to widen the appeal of the hobby, the owner of Cast Your Anchor believes that a reference library dedicated to building the handcrafted ship replicas sold in the store will serve to entice additional individuals to consider taking up the hobby.

Cast Your Anchor has a website and an online store so the Internet community of modellers is also of interest to the facility. To-date the online store has received inquiries and orders from England, Ireland, and Indonesia. There has also been tremendous interest within Canada; registering inquiries and orders from every province

The collection will be aimed at nautical hobbyists although there is some room for crossover to other hobbies. The subject focus will be model sailing ships, static or remote control, from kits (wood and plastics) and scratch. There will also be information on the tools required, types and uses of wood, historic ships, modern ships, sailing instruction, and books of building plans.

The works will cover materials for both novice and expert model-makers. Once modellers have mastered the techniques of kit building they enjoy variety in their building. For this reason, CyARL will have a good selection of works dedicated to specific ships. Another frequent interest of the modeller is to complete more than one selected ship of a particular era. Therefore, the collection will also include a number of works dedicated to a specific era in sailing ship history.

A growing area of interest to model builders is the ability to sail their completed models. There are racing clubs throughout the metropolitan Toronto area. Racing clubs are usually dedicated to a specific class of sailing vessel (i.e. Soling class, Victoria class). In order to sail their models, builders must rig them and use radio controls (sometimes referred to as remote controls) to sail them. There will be a section of the collection dedicated to this specialized concentration for model-makers.

Another area of concentration for the collection will be the tools that experienced modellers need to properly complete their ships. These tools range from standard handheld woodworking tools to specialized miniature electric lathes. CyARL will endeavour to provide a selection of works for each of these areas.

Modelling Techniques

Selection Criteria: Each of the books in this section was chosen as representative of a particular audience. The sections are divided into Novice and Experienced builders. There is no Mid-level section because the difference between a novice and experienced model-maker is the number and type of models they have chosen to build. Novice works often contain clear descriptions and illustrations of the basics of modelling, while works aimed at the experienced modeller include more finely detailed descriptions of the more complex intricacies of producing exact replicas. There is an almost complete collection of the works of Charles G. Davis, a scale modeller recognized world-wide for his attention to detail and expertise in the hobby.

The library purchases, maintains and makes available a collection of print, audiovisual, and electronic format reference materials for the staff and customers of Cast Your Anchor Inc. Cast Your Anchor is a nautical hobby store dedicated to the education of modellers and their appreciation for the hobby.


o 1.1 The collection will contain materials related to modelling methods – historical and current, watercraft and their histories, small engines – building and repair, equipment and tools required by hobbyists.

o 1.2 Cast Your Anchor staff and library patrons are encouraged to make recommendations regarding desired materials. CYA Reference Library (CyARL) retains the sole responsibility for the final selection, purchase and weeding of all materials housed in the facility.

o 1.3 CyARL collects materials that contribute to the educational requirements of the staff and customers of Cast Your Anchor. In addition, CyARL collects materials related to the job functions of the staff, management and owners of Cast Your Anchor Inc.

o 1.4 CyARL annually reviews the General Collection Policy to ensure it meets the needs of the users, staff, management and owners of Cast Your Anchor Inc. 3.1

o 1.5 CyARL acquires materials selectively depending on the anticipated frequency of use and compatibility of equipment where audiovisual material and computer software are involved


o 2.1 CyARL endeavours to maintain a collection containing recent reference materials where applicable. Historical materials will be collected, maintained or weeded when appropriate and in accordance with section 1.2 of the General Collection Policy.

o 2.2 CyARL receives serial publications, catalogues and other new editions of significant reference materials when available. They will be reviewed for continuation at this point in time. Back issues will be retained as physical limitations permit.


o 3.1 CyARL usually selects English language materials. Foreign language materials are not expected to be collected. Specific foreign language works will be considered on an individual basis.


o 4.1 All formats will be collected when appropriate and where equipment to play the material is available. This will include and not limited to: books, monographs, newsletters, videos, DVDs, audio tapes, microfilm/fiche, 8mm and 16mm film,

Weeding and Collection Management::

o 5.1 A regular system program of collection assessment is undertaken. CyARL attempts to provide material of ongoing interest to the staff and users of Cast Your Anchor Inc. In support of this goal, the collection may be weeded at the discretion of the librarian.

o 5.2 Factors considered in the weeding of the collection include: the receipt of new additions of annual publications, physical condition of the material, format no longer compatible with available equipment, the number of editions and copies held and frequency of use.

Selection Methods::

o 6.1 CyARL uses a variety of methods and sources to select materials. This includes, but is not limited to:

Reviews – they will be culled from the library profession, modelling and hobbyist literature, trade and publishers reviews.


o 7.1 Donations are encouraged and will be accepted at the discretion of the librarian. We reserve the right to refuse any donation that does not meet our General Collection Development Policy.