Fix iTunes Library – Fixing Your Messed Up iTunes Library Without the Headache

Need to fix iTunes library in you computer and you have no idea what to do? Have no fear since fixing your music library is very easy. Automatic fixing is now possible with modern technology. Manual organizing is now a thing of the past.

To fix iTunes library, you need to know what you want to repair. Do you need to fix song titles? Album names perhaps? How about album art cover? If your answer is yes, then you would need a software or plug-ins that would enhance the capabilities of your media player. These software and plug-ins will fix whatever is wrong with iTunes like broken files, missing album covers and duplicates. Although this helpful plug-ins will do the work for you, you still need to find reliable and trusted programs that will work as they should. There are a lot of choices that you can find and download from the internet. It is highly recommended that you look for the things that you need to fix iTunes library. Find something that has a good reputation, has a lot of good feedback and is highly recommended by software program reviewers.

One such reliable plug-in software to fix iTunes library is TuneUp Media. This magical plug-in was created by music lovers who found out that many iTunes users are having the same problems as they do. They want their iTunes library to be as perfect as possible so they built TuneUp Media to help every iTunes user. As their slogan says – TuneUp fixes it, Automagically. Here are the features that TuneUp Media is known for:

CLEAN – TuneUp Media cleans your music library in a flash. Your iTunes library will be rid of mislabeled songs and wrong artist names with this plug-in. It will automatically fill in missing song names, album release year and genre, artist and album. TuneUp Media listens digitally to your tracks and references it against an extensive music database of 90 million tracks.

COVER ART – TuneUp Media will fill in the missing gaps in your album cover. Those musical notes will be forever gone when you use this plug-in. It will automatically check your iTunes library and look for music files that have missing album art. It will then provide you with four album covers to choose from.

TUNIVERSE – This feature will give you the best music videos related to what you are listening at that moment. Tuniverse will also display artist bios, song recommendations and eBay merchandises that is related to your music as well.

CONCERTS – This special feature will inform you once your favorite artist will be in town for a concert. It will go through your iTunes library and will give you a calendar view of upcoming shows. Direct links to buy the concert ticket of your choice can also be done here. They have partnered with ticket providers to give you the easiest time to purchase your tickets.

So there you have it, everything needed to fix your iTunes library wrapped up in one handy little plugin. Personally I made sure to download the free trial version before actually committing to the full version of Tuneup. With the free trial you can find 50 album covers and fix 100 songs with broken tags before the trial runs out. It should be a great way to get a feel for the program and see if it delivers what you’re looking for.