Organize iTunes – How to Automatically Organize Your iTunes Library in Minutes

For those of us who download music through iTunes our music collections can sometimes be enormous. While some music lovers may only have hundreds of songs others like myself may have thousands of MP3 files. With a music library that large you are bound to have duplicate songs, missing album artwork, and many mis-labeled song titles. Luckily there is a new way to organize iTunes automatically.

For years people have been forced to manually edit MP3 ID3 tags. This is obviously very time-consuming and can get very annoying. This entails going through every single song and editing the ID3 tag by typing in the correct information into each field. And before you can do this you must go online and find a credible source of information to make sure you’re typing in the correct information. This is definitely an archaic way to organize your iTunes.

There is plenty of primitive software available for you to do batch MP3 tag editing. But iTunes organizer that I am referring to can automatically fix your MP3 tags with the click of a button. Tidysongs can be downloaded in minutes, and you can be well on your way to organizing your music library within the next 15 minutes.

Some of Tidysongs features include being able to scan your iTunes library and locate any songs that have wrong information embedded in its ID3 tag. That means incorrect song titles, album names, genre, and release date. It cross references your songs with these songs in its gigantic database to do this.

Tidysongs iTunes organizer also has the ability to find duplicate songs and erase them from your library. Tidysongs will always ask you for your permission before completing any irreversible tasks. That

Another great feature that you’ll get if you download this automatic MP3 tag editor is the ability to find and download album art as well. This may not seem very important to some but for most music enthusiasts it helps them feel like their music collection is organized and complete. There are also certain viewing modes and iTunes that are useless unless you have the correct album art.

Stop sifting through Track 01’s and Untitled albums. And certainly stop editing your mp3 tag manually. I live by the old addage, work smarter not harder. And using the best iTunes organizer on the net is definitely a smart idea. If you are serious about organizing your iTunes library then I highly suggest trying out Tidysongs.