7 Ways You Can Use Your Library Skills to Find Alternative Library Work

Are you an unemployed or underemployed librarian? Unfortunately this is a very common occurrence nowadays. So what can you do as a librarian to earn an income and find some library related work? Even though as librarians we think of library work as working in an actual library, there are in fact many other jobs out there, which allow you to use the same skills you already possess as a librarian. Finding these library jobs can be a challenge though so here are seven ways you can find alternative library work and use your library skills in a rewarding profession.

1. Consider becoming self-employed. There are many forms of self-employment which can work well for librarians. Some of these include working as a librarian consultant, starting an information and research services business, becoming a network marketing distributor, starting an internet marketing business, or selling information products teaching others what you have learned.

2. If you have recently been through library school and you have good technology and computer skills you can find a job by working for many computer or internet companies. Some of these include wiki companies, blogging software companies and other similar businesses.

3. Many of the companies who sell products to libraries such as databases, reference tools, books and library furniture hire librarians. As a librarian you have the unique skills as well as inside information needed to be successful in selling and promoting these products to libraries. This job is an especially good fit for you if you sales experience or you consider yourself a more out-going person who enjoys sales and working on commission.

4. Consider working for a corporation or business who needs to hire researchers. Librarians are naturally good researchers and so if you can find a company who needs one, then this would make great library work.

5. Try working in a bookstore or as a book buyer for a bookstore. Many librarians got their first exposure and interest in becoming a librarian by working in bookstores. Although these jobs typically do not pay as well, if you can get a management or book buyer position the pay can be worth it. Working in a bookstore may also make a great second job if you need one.

6. If you are very tech savvy you may be able to also get a job in tech support or helping to create library databases or cataloging or other library related software programs. For example, Sirsi-Dinix who creates library circulation programs hires a lot of librarians.

7. Realize that librarians have a lot of transferable skills which can be used and applied in many jobs and lines of work. So you may have to think outside of the box and apply your skills in another field of work until you are able to find a library job.